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Wedding Planning Services

We are a full-service event planning boutique
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Private & corporate events

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Our services for weddings & events

  • Location casting  for your perfect wedding venue
  • Wedding design & conception
  • Decoration & Floristry
  • Furniture & Interior Design
  • Catering & Patisserie
  • Photography & Videography
  • Stationery
  • Show Acts & Live music & DJ
  • Symbolic wedding ceremonies
  • Civil & religious wedding
  • Bridal dress styling & hair & make-up
  • Accommodation & Transport
  • Time & budget planning
  • Contact person for your guests & service providers
  • Management & coordination on the wedding day

The day-of coordinator is responsible for the flawless execution of the already-made plans

Day-of Wedding Coordinator Responsibilities

Handling Logistics

The day-of wedding coordinator’s primary job is making sure all the logistics of the wedding are handled. If there are 200 guests, for example, this person makes sure there are 200 chairs at the ceremony and reception.

Creating and Sticking to Timelines

Another one of the day-of wedding coordinator’s most important jobs is creating a detailed timeline for the day and making sure everyone, from the couple’s family to the vendors, sticks to it.

For example, if hair or makeup is taking longer than expected, this person will step in to hurry up the process.

They also make sure guests are seated on time to get the ceremony rolling, and that photographs are taken in a timely manner so the couple can get to the dance floor.

Solving Problems

One of the most challenging but important jobs of the day-of wedding coordinator is putting out fires and troubleshooting problems the day of or right before the wedding.

If the bar runs out of tequila, if someone forgets the rings, if there is a power outage at the venue—this person figures out what to do.

Again, the goal is to take away all stress from the couple.

Untraditional Venues

While staff at traditional wedding venues know how to seamlessly pull off weddings, some couples get married in venues that have never had a wedding ceremony or reception before.

This could include some ones’s home, garden or a national park, for example.

A couple getting married at a non-traditional wedding venue should get a day-of wedding coordinator to make sure the venue is set up properly for their festivities.

Day-of Wedding Coordinator Cost

Costs vary depending on the day-of coordinator’s responsibilities. Someone who just oversees a wedding day will cost less than someone who helps the couple plan last-minute details in the weeks leading up to the big event. The cost ranges based on the number of locations, the number of hours, and the expected guest count.

Starting FEE is 700 euro for WEDDING DAY basic coordinating project. 

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